Because OVN Scale Test is mostly a plugin of Rally, you should install Rally firstly, then install it on top of Rally.

Install Rally

Rally is dedicated to OpenStack now(this situation will be change soon, Rally developers are splitting Rally from OpenStack: Rally Brainstorm), OVN Scale Test makes some changes on Rally to skip OpenStack specific code, and these changes have not been pushed to Rally upstream. Hence you need to use a forked Rally from repo, you can clone it and install it by running its installation script:

$ git clone
$ cd rally
$ ./

If you execute the script as regular user, Rally will create a new virtual environment in ~/rally/ and install in it, and will use sqlite as database backend. If you execute the script as root, Rally will be installed system wide. For more installation options, please refer to the Rally installation page.

Note: Rally requires Python version 2.7 or 3.4.

Install OVN Scale Test

After Rally is installed, you can install OVN Scale Test now. Get a copy of it from repo

$ git clone
$ cd ovn-scale-test
$ ./

If installed successful, you can see:

Installation of OVN scale test is done!

In order to work with Rally you have to enable the virtual environment
with the command:

    . /home/<user>/rally/bin/activate

You need to run the above command on every new shell you opened before
using Rally, but just once per session.

Information about your Rally installation:

  * Method: virtualenv
  * Virtual Environment at: /home/<user>/rally
  * Configuration file at: /home/<user>/rally/etc/rally
  * Samples at: /home/<user>/rally/samples

Run ./ with option --help to have a list of all available options:

$ ./ --help
Usage: [options]

This script will install OVN scale test tool in your system.

  -h, --help             Print this help text
  -v, --verbose          Verbose mode
  -s, --system           Install system-wide.
  -d, --target DIRECTORY Install Rally virtual environment into DIRECTORY.
                         (Default: /home/lhuang8/rally if not root).
  --url                  Git repository public URL to download Rally OVS from.
                         This is useful when you have only installation script and want to install Rally
                         from custom repository.
                         (Ignored when you are already in git repository).
  --branch               Git branch name name or git tag (Rally OVS release) to install.
                         (Default: latest - master).
                         (Ignored when you are already in git repository).
  -y, --yes              Do not ask for confirmation: assume a 'yes' reply
                         to every question.
  -p, --python EXE       The python interpreter to use. Default: /home/lhuang8/rally/bin/python
  --develop              Install Rally with editable source code try.
                         (Default: false)
  --no-color             Disable output coloring.

Notes: --system option is not supported yet.